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Welcome to my store! It's really awesome cause you can buy stuff that looks like me he he. No, in all seriousness, I love all the friendly fans who support me. I really wanted to do this right so I brought on some amazing artists who have given me permission to sell to you. I will sign every print you purchase and will even personalize it upon request (email me). And of course there will be NO WATER MARK on the final product.

There is lots here, including a special picture that one of the main creators of Ninjago, Tommy Andreasen did for me. You can own it too now with both of our signatures!


You will also find a Dan Veesenmeyer piece that I actually commissioned from him with an idea that I wanted to have both versions of Zane. I loved the end result, now you can too. Dan works non stop for Lego doing art for video games, booklets, covers, and even how to draw books! He's the real deal -

Sissel G is an up and comer amazing artist who I commissioned to do these split screen faces, my YouTube banner, and the amazing fight with Zane vs Mr. E, who I also voiced - hey I fought myself! I see a huge future for her, you gotta check out her work for commissions -

Big thank you to all of you who are choosing to support me. I really do appreciate every single person who orders a print, watches my channel, and follows me on all my social medias - you all are the best.


Cheers - Brent

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