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Man do I ever dork out about my studio. It's so nice to be able to walk into my booth and do the thing I love most. And trust me, I have spent countless hours tweaking my sound to ensure professional broadcast quality. 


The mic I use is the Neumann TLM 103 and the Sennheiser 416, the Industry standards for voice over. 


My preamp is the Universal Audio Apollo Twin Solo and I only run one plug in on it, the Avalon VT-737. This goes into my Mac, and is recorded using Reaper as my audio software.

All of the recording takes place in my 4x6 Whisper Room Sound Booth, completely acoustically treated with Roxul Sound Deadening Panels. 

I have source connect for live connection with your studio, and/or can also do Skype, Zoom, or even Phone Patch if needed. 

I am set up to deliver audio in any format required and can send via FTP, Drop Box, Email, Google, etc.

Contact - for more info.

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